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The Potterpuffs I've been working on. More to come. (Mild language warning.)

Comment if you take any and tell me which ones; I like to know which ones people like.

As always, crediting me is highly appreciated, but for these icons at the very least crediting potterpuffs is an absolute MUST!

White Background:

Clear Background:

Special Edition:

Now in new, easier to see grey tone!

18: Gotta love a good Ab Fab quote!
22: Apprently no one gets geographical humor, so here's a hint.
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Padma's face SO fits that quote.

Hehe, I'm particularly proud of that one (it was my first Potterpuff!)
I shall credit both you and potterpuffs for these lovely creations. (I was wondering where the heck people were getting these icons from). That's some good artwork right there.

I'm so glad you like them! I like to think I bring a special something (biting sarcasm, perhaps) to the potterpuff field. If you want more fan-made potterpuffs, check out potterpuff_fans; there's thousands posted every day, some possibly better than mine. Possibly.
If I can be a pushy bitch about it (I'msorryI'msorryI'msorry! >.< ) could you possibly use mells_icons as the credit for me, since it's the community in which I post my icons? If you don't want to that's fine; was hust a thought. (God I suck at asking for favors :( )
Oh, I quoted your name on their instead! Oh well, let me see if mells_icons fits under keywords along with everything else I've written. And don't worry about it. I'd be the same way too.

hey, I'm a friend of ladyjaynecobb's. These are so awesome.
Thanks! Help yourself; that's what they're here for! ♥
*ppssssttt*** shes a real biyach!

just kiddin. shes a ramram

02 - Hell, I'm sure she'd consumated her new-found sexuality by the end of that evening.

11 - Well, at least he wasn't in Hufflepuff. That would have fucked the whole idea of loyalty, wouldn't it?

17 - And yet I bet she can predict she'll be hung-over when Sunday does reach her.

27 & 28 - Giving the random background characters love!
Hehe, a year late I find your comment. You're right about Wormtail; as bad of a Gryffindor as he was, he would have made a worse Hufflepuff. I suppose he doesn't really belong anywhere, does he? (Though I see no reason he wouldn't have fitted in in Slytherin....)

And you've gotta love Random Death Eaters! ♥ I should make more icons for them, now that Deathly Hallows is out....
What is that supposed to be like the powerpuff girls gone bad or somethin? I ve never seen this before!
It's from potterpuffs; it's HP characters in the style of Powerpuff Girls. It's a popular sideshow of the Harry Potter internet fandom. I suggest checking it out! (Though, of course, you'll want to finish the final book first, lest you run into any spoilers.)